The Red Mill – March 20 – 2021

The Red Mill is a fascinating location ripe for paranormal activity. Located between the Raritan River, a quarry, near by steel construction bridge, and iron rail road tracks, it has all the ingredients to make for a paranormal hot spot.

The event was a public investigation hosted by Jersey Paranormal Investigations.

While we had a couple of interesting experiences, in particular in the school house, we were not able to catch any paranormal activity ourselves.

In the school house one of our investigators felt like she was being touched, and did get a sense there was multiple people around her.

We did find that our equipment experienced quite a lot of false hits.

REM Pod: On the second floor of the mill this went off a few times. It was noticed it would go off when you stepped on a board and the Pod moved. This was determined to be caused by the antenna being just a little loose. We also were able to quickly determine hits on the REM Pod and other similar devices were most likely due to the Walkie Talkies which were being used. Nearly every event coincided with a Walkie Talkie broadcast of some sort.

The SLS was throwing false positives. Most of which were due to the exposed wood frame would trick it into seeing a person standing straight.

K2 meter hits were determined to be RF interference as the Multi Field meter was showing a lot of activity in the same RF range as Cell Phones.

We hoped the white noise created by the water would be perfect for picking up EVPs, but unfortunately we were not able to capture any.

The Full Spectrum Camera/IR camera did not capture anything as well.

That said we absolutely want to go back, and hopefully do a private investigation.

We always keep in mind, we are not dealing with trained animals that do tricks on demand, and this was our first visit to The Red Mill for an investigation.