Waverly Hills Sanatorium – April 19 – 2021

We attended a Public Investigation of Waverly Hills. The investigation starts off with about an hour tour of the 5 story building where you are given an idea of hotspots, some information as to who they believe might still be lingering around the halls and all the reports of paranormal activity the guide is currently familiar with. Immediately after the tour you are ushered into the Gift Shop for a bit of shopping fun. All in all about the first 1 1/2 hours of the 6 hour investigation get burnt up just from these things.

After this tour and gift shop stop, you are left to roam the building and perform your own investigation.

Our own personal experiences actually happened during the tour.

When going from the 4th to 5th Floor, investigator Erica’s clothing was mess with. She found herself having to readjust her clothing.

On the Second Floor, Tim had the backpack with all their equipment they were carrying pulled on like someone was trying to get his attention, but no one was behind him. The backpack was also pushed side to side causing him to turn around several times to see if someone was behind him bumping into the pack.

Due to the number of people moving about the building, we tossed out much of our recordings. We could not say with any confidence the shadows we saw moving were not other people’s shadows, or the voices we we recorded were not someone on the other side of the hallway whispering.

We did hear “screaming” which upon investigation we believe was being caused by an animal outside. The way sound echo through the building, and “openness” of the floors, means that sounds made outside have an opportunity to bounce off multiple walls, and travel in very unusual ways.

We had a couple of interesting events with the music box which we could not explain, and some interesting hits with the Ovilus, the Infinity Box, and SB11 Spirit Box you will find below.

Interesting recordings:
While we were setting up the motion activated Music Box was going off. Then we got the recorders going, and things got quiet. We asked “Are you toying with us?” and it sound like you hear “No”.

While we were getting ready to leave the room we also caught this whispering on our voice recorder. It’s at about 4.5 seconds in:

We went to another room which had multiple balls out. The camera was placed on top of the music box facing exactly the same direction as the music box in hopes that the camera would be able to record anything that might set the music box off. Although we didn’t catch anything on camera that can be seen, we can hear the music box going off several times. You can hear the bangs in the beginning of the video still setting up.

We fired up the spirit box to see if we could get anything and about 2 seconds in we caught this:

We moved up to the 4th Floor room 424. We setup the Ovilus and taking some pictures. If you listen closely you can hear the Ovilus say: “I knew Secret.”

What makes this interesting, this is the room where John Mitchell supposedly stayed.

Since there was a lot of noise coming from people in the hallways, We fired up our infinity box, we made a custom sound bank and let it run. The sound bank we used is made primarily of white noise, and some non English audio books, so there should really not be a lot of changes for English sounding words to come through.

Shortly after that we got this:

Bright and Early at about 6am we wrapped things up. You can hear Erica thanking whatever entities that might have been talking with us and right after that you can hear something that’s difficult to make out.