Bube’s Brewery – June 12 – 2021

June 12 Jott-Nyx Paranormal held one of their regularly scheduled paranormal investigations.

We went in a little slimmer this time in our equipment due to limitations in what we could fit on our vehicle. We started off the night in co-operation with Jott-Nyx Paranormal doing a facebook live stream in the Art Gallery ( see the live stream here: https://fb.watch/6r8Yl-lTWd/ )

Here is the EVP we caught during the live stream you can hear it right about 6 seconds in:

We also caught another one which sounds like it could be a response at about 3.5 seconds:

It was interesting, while we were talking to what we believe to be have been Pauline, Melissa’s phone screen seemed to increase and decrease the screen brightness, so if you watch the live stream it looks like we were looking into the camera, but in fact we were watching the changes in the screen brightness.

You can hear Tim starting to explain what we were setting up, and there’s another voice that comes in while he is speaking:

Our other recorder was also running, and at about 2 seconds in there’s something there. There’s also a female voice at the very end which we believe to someone from another floor speaking.

This one is most interesting. We were experimenting with our Infinity Box using our own custom set of sound banks. All the sound banks we used are in Italian, French, Korean, Japanese, Khmer (Cambodian), and Chinese. About 2 minutes before this I said if you want to touch me you have my permission. Then this came through the infinity box.

We slowed it down by 10% which will hopefully make it easier to hear: