Bubes Brewery – July – 2021

After so many experiences at Bubes Brewery we felt it was time for us to in and do a more targeted investigation of the brewery.

It was July 17th and a wild weather night. The day and into the evening had some strong thunder storms, it was hot, humid, and all sticky summer day. We started our investigation late that night because we wanted the building to be empty to ensure there was no lingering guests and staff.

We went in with the idea of more targeted investigation into the areas which we felt we wanted to explore more. This was the Ballroom, and the Canopy Room.

We were joined by members of Jott-Nyx Paranormal as well as good friends Brianna and Steve.

The Technical issues!

Our DVR nearly completely failed. In spite of some cameras being even in the same room as the DVR the cameras just failed.

We went to setup a camera in the Canopy room, saw it on the DVR screen and everything looked good, Got down the canopy room, and the camera was turned around. (note our DVR cameras are PTZ).

We sent 1 camera back to the manufacturer who is investigating it to determine if there is an issue with the camera as you would see everyone moving with the exception of 1 person. That 1 person would look like they were frozen in time. All the local storage on the cameras which we had installed failed.

Penthouse – We had access to the Penthouse and a few of the other rooms in the central Hotel. We left a recorder going and caught this:

This one if you listen closely you can hear us far off in the background. No one was near the recorder and there’s an odd bang that happened right next to the recorder.

The Ballroom
We ran the Desktop Tesla coils in the Brewery Ball Room so we could add energy to the room.

You can hear Brianna asking are you the little girl and right about 4 seconds in you hear what sounds like a response.

Also in the ballroom I was explaining what the purpose of the Tesla Coils were and what we were doing. We were getting some K2 which suddenly stopped. listen at about 3 seconds in

The Canopy Room

We were getting ready to go to the Canopy room, we were all outside on the balcony by the penthouse. We had setup the voice recorder in the canopy room. We caught this banging door sound.

We heard this banging sound when we were doing our session as well, and followed it to the Women’s bathroom. Unfortunately the event during our session was not captured on any of our recording devices.

During break down, the sound in the bathroom happened again, but this time it was captured:

Video Courtesy of Jott-Nyx Paranormal

Update: The banging in the bathroom has been identified. When the wind blows the right way, there’s an old louver vent which will open and slam closed. This is the most likely cause of the sound we heard.