Madison Seminary – July 28 2021

Madison Seminary – Madison OH

The Jott-Nyx Paranormal New Jersey team returned to Madison Seminary and were joined by Melissa and Jerry from Jott-Nyx Paranormal.

Much like our last investigation, there always seemed to be something keeping out of the way, watching, walking on floors above us, around the corner, or just hiding. Doing enough to let us know they were there, but keeping far enough away to keep us guessing.

During out walk through, the NJ team kept quiet about what they experienced in the past, and what they noticed going on during the walk through.

During the walk through Tim caught a quick scent of Roses down in the basement, but kept it to himself. This was the same rose smell he got in the kitchen area on the second floor last year.

After the walk though Melissa, Jerry, and Erica went to the basement area to investigate while Tim took care of administrative tasks (namely ruining back to the hotel so he could walk and feed the dog).

Unknown to him during this time, Melissa and Jerry got a strong scent of roses. She apparently mentioned it during her Facebook live stream.

There was also a “Squeaking sound” they couldn’t place. Turns out the sound was identical to the sound that would come from the handle of manual clothes washer.

A lot of the time at Madison Seminary was more “Personal Experiences” mainly by Jerry and Tim.

In the Asylum area, Tim took a look into the Dr’s room, and saw a small shadow move from the left hand wall to behind the examination bed, figuring he would see a small animal in the room he went behind the exam bed to see and there was nothing there. He asked Jerry to take a look in there without saying what he saw, and Jerry saw a small shadow move from behind the Exam Table to the left wall. This leaves an impression of something trying to hide. We were later told a story by one of the volunteers about the “crawlers” that would be occasionally seen on the floor around that area.

Around 2 am, with no one up the in asylum our video camera captured the clear sound of one of the doors closing and latching. There was no one in that side of the building at the time.

Throughout the night things seemed elusive, you felt something there, but always out of reach. We had our security camera in Sara’s room. We were running our Infinity Box in the hallway, Melissa noticed a shadow moving around on the ceiling in the dark, but we couldn’t make out what it was. So Tim asks what was that crawling around on the ceiling. You can hear quite clearing the word BAT come out of the infinity box and Melissa’s reaction when it became apparent it was in fact a bat….

Madison Seminary always leaves more mystery then answers. We hope to return again and hopefully see if can get some of those mysteries answered. We had a few more clips we may publish later on, however, they would require manipulation (playback speed) and just have not had the time to do so.