1890 House (Wickwire Mansion) Cortland NY – Nov 2021

On a very cold November night, we were joined by Jerry and Melissa of Jott-Nyx Paranormal, Kelly The Maven Medium, and Flip of Dead is not the End at the 1890 House in Cortland NY.

We mention it was cold because just a couple of days before our investigation, the heat went out in the building and because of it, closed to normal activities. Of course, we still could not resist an opportunity to investigate this magnificent location. The lack of a heating system also means that we would not have to worry about ambient noises that can be caused by the heating system.

We are very grateful to the volunteers at the house that also had to endure the freezing temperatures along with us. We realize it was not an easy thing to endure especially as outside temps dipped below 30F.

We DO hope that we will be allowed to return again to dig deeper into events which happened.

The Basement:
In the basement we sat down in the AV room, just outside of the room we noticed a flicking of one of the lights. We noticed it was a CFL bulb that can often times flicker so we unscrewed the bulb and closed the door over.

Just before we unscrewed the CFL though, flip noted that it looked like something blocked the light, and it sounds like something is saying “I did”

We then placed a cat ball on the brick which we used to prop the heavy basement door open. Almost immediately after this though we started getting some interesting activity with the cat ball.

We had several really unclear captures on our voice recorders in the basement.

The Game Room:

We went up to the Game Room, and brought with us our Vortex Ghost Gear Trigger prop dog. We asked if someone could name the dog and it seems like we got an answer.

It was a really hard to hear in the video, so we extracted the audio from the video and boosted the volume in just the section of interest.

We also had some interesting hits with the VPod, there’s another whisper recorded in the video as well at the very beginning.

Second Floor:

We caught this audio in the servant’s room this was captured by a recorder in what was most likely the master bedroom.

The downstairs staircase and front entrance:

This are at all different times of the night captured by our NVR system –
Right after the bell is rung, there’s a very odd voice asking about the bell:

You can hear Melissa saying “Yeah Jerry your lights out” then there’s another voice saying “Lights out” and something else…

Here’s the same recording from another camera we had setup as well:

It seems that something was trying to get Erica’s attention (at about 3s in) through the portal box, and another voice that sounds a lot like the voice that commented about the light being out: It’s important to note we were wrapping it up for the night and getting ready to leave.

We wrapped up our night at the 1890 house, like many other investigations, it seemed like whatever was there with us called it a night.

Again we really want to thank the 1890 house for allowing us to investigate. It most certainly did not disappoint, and we hope to return again.