About Us

We are Jott-Nyx Paranormal Investigations – New Jersey.

We are a small team of paranormal investigators on a mission to help people find answers as to what may be causing unexplained, and potentially paranormal activity. We investigate residential, business, public, and other locations.

We do not use affiliate links, we do not monetize this site. Any links on this site go directly to product or other sites.

This site mainly got started after having difficulties sharing evidence on various social media sites where the site adjusts video or audio quality or simply does not allow for certain file types.

The only editing we do to videos, pictures, or audio is to lighten/darken, trim/crop to relevant selection, and amplify audio so it’s easier to hear. If those changes are not adequate and we perform a noise reduction or other modification, we will also try to share both versions so you can compare for yourself.

We do probably take a more skeptical look at evidence then most and that will probably offend some people.

We are not professional writers, editors, or publishers. We don’t always have the best spelling and grammar.

We also want to share what we find as much as possible. We also understand that often times these things are private, and we will respect the privacy of anyone or any location that seeks our help.

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